Joan Nuevo
Hey, I'm Joan Nuevo, and I've been holding a camera since forever.
I've always been into creativity, especially capturing and sharing emotions. Photography and videography changed my life when I stumbled upon them. Since then, I've been working on getting better in different areas. Despite being a basketball player and coach used to the hustle, my love for visual storytelling remains strong.
I'm a sucker for travel, capturing cool moments and places. I'm up for working anywhere, just needs a bit of planning!
Do you already have an idea in mind? Let me know!
Capture the essence of your moments with me. From events to sports competitions, portraits to weddings – I've got it covered. Let's chat, and we'll craft the perfect visual story together. Your memories, my lens – let's make it unforgettable.
Preserve the magic of your wedding day with me
A versatile artist capturing moments through both photography and videography. Immerse yourself in the joy of reliving your special day, beautifully preserved in the highest quality. Let's create timeless memories together. Contact me for enduring wedding media that encapsulates the essence of your love story.
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